5 Books That Can Change Your Life

Books come to rescue us  when you are stuck in those unanswred queries, when we need broader perspective,. Bookes can even feed your soul with some awsm ways to live your life with much more awsmness. this blog brings you with collection of very practical “life changing books” , which i have read and can 100 % say that they will definitley make you love your life, and make you more positive, happy and wonderful.

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Books come to rescue, when you are stuck in those unanswered queries, when you need broader perspective, books can even feed your soul with some awsome ways, so that you can live your life with much more awsomeness. Personally, when I read any book, I tend to find practical ways which i can implement into my life.. And thus self growth books are exactly what i look for.

This blog brings you with collection of very practical “life changing books” , which I have read and can 100 % say that they will definitely make you love your life, and make you more positive, happy and wonderful, all at the same time.

Be ready because these books have power to change your mindset completely.

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing– by Marie Kondo

Theme of the book : Minimalism Mindset


Kindle | Audiobook | HardCover

Declutture Your Home, Declutter Your Life 

For those who are new to minimalism, then it’s a lifestyle, where you keep only those “material things” with you, which add value to your life, and make you happy.. Instead of keeping things unconsciously which are waste, you keep only those things which makes you happy.

Whats Inside This Book..?

Basically there is something which no school, no person, no book (other than this) have taught before. It’s a course on how to tidy your home. And you know what? the tidying thing is not restricted to just home. People are using it to tidy their life.

Marie Kondo have few rules for decluttering:

  • Declutter by category.
  • Finish Discarding first.
  • Keep only the things that “sparks joy”
  • Discard with gratitude.
  • Organised item vertically to save more space.

My Life After Reading This Book

When I read this book, I declutterd, discarded, organized my house, exactly the way the author said:

  • I felt light.
  • I started discovering myself.
  • I started discovering my passion and found blogging.
  • I started seeking inspiring things (like books, video, you tube etc)
  • I am more happy since then.
  • My productivity level has gone up..

This book did magic in my life. you must read it and see how it can change your life too.

The Secret – By Rhonda Byrne

Theme of this book :  Law of Attraction 

Kindle | Audiobook | Paperback

Why You Have, What You Have In Your Life And A Secret To Change It.

This book is a virus which really can hack you. Many of you must already have read it. but to those who have not given it a try… its like as important to read it as having food .. If you don’t have time to read.. then just listen its audiobook or watch its movie-version … You cannot afford to miss it.

What’s In The Book ?

This book teaches you the concept of law of attraction: Which means that what you  think, you attract those things in your life. It applies to everything you see (that person, that home, mobile, car, money.. everything).

The Science behind this is: that everything you are seeing is energy, and what you  are thinking is also energy. So whatever you think, the thing that matches to that frequency of energy, attracts towards you, and you end up manifesting it in your life.

Practical Tips To Change Your Life According To This Book :

There are various methods explained in this book to attract what you want in your life in different categories. Such as money, health, relationships, career.

Some of those methods are:

  • Visualization: Where you visualize yourself achieving the goal already.
  • Gratitude: Giving thanks to the things you want in your life in the present moment.
  • Scripting: That is writing tiney tiney details of your goal in the paper exactly as you want them.
  • Affirmations: Where you repeat what you want in words, as if it has already happened.

And there are many-many more of such methods discussed by many expert practitioners of law of attraction (like Oprah Winfrey, Bob Proctor, John Assaraf, Joe Vitale).

If you want to change your life just by thinking. Then this book is for you. You-Tube is full of success stories of law of attraction.. Just go and have this your next buy… Must-Must-Must try.. You will thank me after reading this book..!!

The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment– By Eckhart Tolle

Theme of this book: Mindful Mindset 


Kindle | Audiobook | Hardcover

Being In Present Moment, Being Mindful

As the name suggests this book teaches you to stay in present moment. It’s a spiritual guide.

What’s in This Book?

It’s too easy to think of past and feel-sad, nostalgic, guilt and also it’s too easy to  think of future and feel anxious, worry and stress.

Between these two guys, there is “present” moment, which you are actually experiencing right now. Author Eckhart Tolle explain that your ego is made from your past experiences, (all of those labels like name, position, status). Your ego wants to survive (like every living entity on this earth), so he keeps you in future. But in present moment, you  ego cannot survive. 

This is the reason that most of the people can’t get away from breakup, loss, any mishappening, because your ego mind don’t let you forget about it. And it keep the person in that dreamy state of future, which can cause anxiety, unsatisfaction, sadness… To kill that Ego and all the negative thinking you need to be in the present moment.

Practical things described in this book :

This is mere dot which is mentioned in this book, he also shares many powerful information about:

  • Psychological clock , versus time
  • pain bodies,
  • soul, being
  • Meditation
  • Mindfulness
  • Practical ways to be in present

If you are someone who is always in pain because of thinking about your Past, or worried about whats gonna happen in future… Then this book is for you. This is just a tip of the iceberg. For really experiencing the power of now.. Have this book in your collection. 

The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari – By Robin Sharma

Theme of this book : Positive Habits

Kindle | Audiobook | Hardcover

Positive Routines Lead You Towards Happiness

What’s In This Book?

Author Robin Sharma is telling the story of lawyer Julian Mantle, who was owner of Ferrari. But he sold his Ferrari to study the key to happiness and success from Sages of Sivana in the India’s Himalayan mountains.

Personally, I have heard its audio version from YouTube., which was so fantastic and I even ordered its paperback later.

Practical Tips In This Book  

Author share secrets to be happy, content, satisfied, prosperous. The Sages of Sivana’s explained their happiness routine which they practice every single day, which includes:

  • Meditating by the technique of “Heart of The Rose
  • Practicing a Morning Routine (which include: Early Awakening, SolitudeExersise, Nourishment, Learning, Selfreflection, Music, Mantra and many more..)
  • And Serving others

As of me, I am still on the path of applying each and every secret written in this book. This is really inspiring book to read and can change your life in more happy, successful and productive way, if you follow these secrets.

You must read this book if you want your routine to increase positivity, happiness and prosperity.

You are a Badass at Making Money: Master the Mindset of Wealth – by Jen Sincero

Theme Of This Book : Money Mindset

Kindle | Hardcover

If You Love Money, Then Money Will Love You Too

This book is about breaking negative pattern of mind, belief about money, your reactions towards various life situations, which are stopping you from receiving money.  This book is about making you financially stable person, and the author walks you through her transformation journey from Broke to Now-a-Millionaire.

 What’s In This Book?

In this book you will find various exercises which you can actually apply to break those old negative mind patterns and adopt new positive ones. 

There are few of the various practical ways to change mindset which blocked money to come into your life:

  • Lack of Faith
  • Unconscious negative words
  • Unconscious negative thoughts
  • Lack of thankfulness
  • Lots of fear
  • Decision making

and many more. Jen Sincero literally teaches you step by step how to deal with these pattern and make your life a money magnet.

My Experience:

For me, yes it will definitely change the way you look money before. But it also makes you wiser person inside. You improve yourself more, and the end result is not just wealthy you, but also awesome you.

If you are one who thinks money is evil or who have money they are greedy,  then these kind of thoughts can block the money in your life. To change these patterns, this book is a must read.

Quick Recap

Lets have a quick review of those books and why you should pick them:

Books Theme of This Book Amazon link
The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up  To surround yourself with things that make you happy




The Secret To make your dream life with power of manifestation and law of attraction.




The Power of Now To love present moment and face no suffering




The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari To have ultimate happiness routine, filled with positivity, goals and good health.




You Are a Badass at Making Money To make your life financially abundant.



If you are someone who have never given a chance to reading (like me before 2016), then belive me, it’s not the same like textbooks you use to read at your school (as I use to think before). Give it a try for once, if not “reading a book”, then listen its audiobook. 

They really have power to make your life wonderful.

Just as you feed your body with nourishment, Feed your soul with more positive learning.

There is no ending in the Books world..Please do let me know your list of iconic books in the comments below.

Keep Reading – Keep Growing



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