Nourish Your Mind with “5 minute-Mental Exersises” for Stress Free Life

Just as you take care of your body by physical exersise, similarly you can take care of your mind by mental exersise. Even of you find hard to take out time to exersises like meditation, this blog brings you very quick exersises, which u can do within 5 minutes and boost your mental health by keeping it happy.

Gone are the days when health was just limited to body. Because in today’s era of, social media, technology and huge workload, every one of you is easily susceptible to anxiety, worry, fear and even depression. Now is the high time that you have to take care of your mind also.

Just as you take care of your body by physical exercise, similarly you can take care of your mind by mental exercise. Even if you find hard to take out time to exercise like meditation, this blog brings you very quick exercises, which u can do within 5 minutes and boost your mental health by keeping it happy.


You don’t have to do “every” exercise listed below… Pick even a single one and you will find it helpful. So lets begin:


The things you focus on, you attract more of it in your life.

This was written by author Rhonda Byrne, in her book “The Secrete”, In simple words, if you focus on that traffic, or fight, or sadness around you, than be ready to face more of it.. and if you will focus on smiling, helping, loving others, good things, then you will enjoy more of it.

Gratitude is one way through which you can focus on the positive things around you and attract more positive things in your life. Here are simple exercises you can do that will help you find good in everything:

Thankfulness Everyday:

Take a diary or just a paper (some people do it on their phone also) and write 3 to 5 things that you are thankful for that day. It can be anything, (that car – that helped you reach office on time. That friend of your, who made you smile today. Just anything you want to thank).

For now take this task for this week… If you find it helpful you can do every day. This will take hardly 5 minutes of your day, and you end up feeling good, happy and positive.

Blessing in Disguise:

Choose 5 things in your life that frighten you, bum you out, irritate you, frustrate you, and then, find reasons to be grateful for them. This exercise was from the book “You are a Badass at Making Money: Master the Mindset of Wealth” by Jen Sincero.

When I choosed my 5 incidents (mainly they were when I was sick, or  when I have to leave my job) it was hard to find reason to be thankful for such events, but when I found them, it changed my perspective towards other negative situations also. So I know you can also do it. Go on, and find reason that you are thankful for such situation.


Often time you are so indulged in your busy life & problem that you tend to ignore the little thing that make you happy. So do these exercises now, to remind yourself about being happy and boost your mood.

List  100 Things That Make You Happy

Open your “note taking app” or take a diary, and start writing any and everything that make you happy, and do these listed-things as much as you can in your day.

It can be a song, or that close friend (after talking to him/her makes your day), even a little chocolate or F.R.I.E.N.D.S series (which I love). These 5 min will definitely raise your vibes to happy level.

What  Made You Happy Today:

Write down that one thing or one person that made you smile today. This will shift your thought towards positive and make you smile instantly.


Because if you love yourself only then others will love you too

If you are one who wants others to appreciate you, then this exercise is for you, to remind you that everyone have good quality and so do you, be proud of it.

List out 10 Things You Love About Yourself:

It’s so simple. Write about your qualities, your values that you are proud of having them, your look, your behavior.

If you find difficult to find all 10 things, then next exercise will help you in discovering it. Give it a try.

Have a “Happy Folder”:

Happy Folder is an inbox, in which you collect your all positive compliments you’ve got. When someone appreciate you for cooking delicious food (then send that compliment to happy folder).

Read it often to feel proud and send lots of love to yourself.


Many times, you say something else, think something else and act totally something else. This creates chaos outside and you don’t even realize that why are you feeling low. Well, all you need, is to know “Whats cooking inside that monkey mind

Help yourself and your mind with these self-reflection exercise to dive inside this baby mind:

Keep Evening Journal:

Take out few minutes of your evening, and write whatever you did that day. You may come across with some positive and some negative thoughts. If its negative, at that time simply, write what next action you can do to improve it, and if its positive.. then yehhiiii…!!! Be proud of it, Enjoyyyeee… !!!

Morning Pages:

Usually it takes more than five minutes, but you are the boss of you, you can do in 5 minutes also.. So every morning, when your mind speed is at its highest (yes its highest, observe and you will know), write whatever comes to your mind. This way, you will know yourself more and can cut off any unwanted thoughts right there…

For details and to know about how, when, why to do Morning Pages :

Check out my blog about: Clear Your Mind by “Morning Pages”| Inspired by  “The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron.


Common..!! Who can work non-stop 24 hours, for full week. Give your mind little breaks, so that he can help you work more and happily. To make that happen include these 5-min exercise in your life.

Do Nothing

Its soooo easy-peasy, just take out 5 or more minutes from your day and just “Do Nothing”. Just for few minutes, Say no to: phone, gossips, work, television literally everything.

Just be with yourself

This is very powerful exercise, but still highly under-rated. Find its place in your life and be peaceful.

Be In Nature

Nothing is more peaceful than being in nature. Go take a walk in nearby park, listen to birds (its sooo soothing), watch sunset and sunrise. Feel the moment and you will surely feel peaceful inside.


With the age of mobile phones, Facebook, Twitter, Insta and all that notifications, its very-very easy to get distracted. It has become so hard to focus on one task without getting stuck. Do this exercise to increase your focus and work.

Make No-To-Do List

Yes..!! Not a “To-do list” (which will also help) but, a No-To-Do list. Before starting any work, make this list which include the things you need to say no to. This may include (Whatsapp, fb, Insta, twitter, calls, TV) Yes you got it, anything that’s not important while you are working.

Do Unitasking

You are unaware of it, but you lose focus when you do more than 1 task at a time. So try doing 1 thing at a time. This will increase your focus and efficiency towards the task.


I know this exercise might sound cliché, but belive me, if you incorporate it in your life, it will work wonders. So its simple.. go today to your lovely spouse, your parents, siblings, your gf/bf, your close friend and say them what you like about them. In “technical” words, appreciate them, right now..!!!

Like comm’on..!! go.. thank him / her for anything. You’ll instantly see a cutieeee smile on their cheeks and definitely it will make you smile too.

No matter how bad, busy, frustrating your day is, but there is always something to be happy about. Included any one of these mental exercises, to find those moment that can light up your day.

Comment below if you did any of these exercises and share with us, because your experience is inspiration for others.

It’s when you are willing to be happy then universe find way to give you happiness.

Therefore.. Choice happiness !!!


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  2. Stress is something where either we’re too much filled up or we’re too empty to do something. It’s a feeling of being under too much mental or emotional pressure and everyone has their own ways to get rid of stress.
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