.. Just 1 % Of Learning Each Day Will Give You 365 % More Growth After A Year…

With this quote I started my journey of learning, experimenting new ways to improve my life each day. Many times I succeeded, many times I failed… but whenever I failed, those were the times when I implemented different tactics to succeed. And guess what!…! I succeeded more than I failed… So sharing my journey with you about what I learn, what I tried, how I strategize… I bring you my blog…

Life Blush

Each time I succeed there arise an urge to share with the world… so that you can also feel the same, so that you can be the part of learning too. So why not share with you through life blush.




Life blush intends to provide you with practical ways to implement journey towards self-growth, becoming more Productive, more peaceful… inspired by life style, self-care tips and habits which highly successful people follow.

From each blog of lifeblush, I make sure that you get good quality content which will provide high values to your life in terms of happiness. The content may be inspired by many famous self-made entrepreneurs, billionaires, successful people… but I make sure that every content is authentic, as I share only my experience and my learning journey with you.




Hello..!! This is Rishu Maheshwari, Currently I am Home maker, Indian, New Mom, Writer, Blogger, Content Creator. I have worked with Pharmaceutical, Diagnostics and Multinational Company. My academics include M.B.A from Human Resource Management along with B-Tech Biotechnology.

I believe that true happiness is not what you gain from outer material world, infact it’s when you are happy inside, you radiate happiness outside.

So I am on my journey of discovering new ways to live a happy and stress free life, a life where I learn daily… or you can say… 

A life where you “choose happiness”


…Learn Grow Achieve be Happy…

…Be the Better Version of Yourself…




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