5 most effective tips to enhance your productivity

Use your 24 hour day with these practical ways of proven productivity tips. Make your daily life stress free and happy.

Be it Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Tony Robbins, Nelson Mandela, or take any of the highly successful name, they and you have one thing in common which is “this 24 hours frame”… The only difference between them and you is that, they have used their 24 hours more wisely and been more productive than you. But

It’s never too late to bring change for good.. The best time to bring a positive change in your life is “Now”

So let’s begin and have a look of few tips which you can use in your life to be better at using your time wisely and productively.


I mean like really comm’on… when you are chilling on your bed, watching netflix, and enjoying youtube video at home, who wants to spoil their time by being in that worky-worky mode. I can totally relate to you.

But you know what’s even best? Having no stress or burden of doing any stuff and enjoying all these at the same time. Well..!! that’s what is called a happy life..!! Not only this, but there are many benefits which you can experience if you are in productive state… have a look:

For Happiness:

I have also mentioned it in Life changing science facts for “happy life” . There is a hormone called “Dopamine” which is responsible for your happiness, which releases after you put a cross in front of your to-do list item. even after finishing a project.

So that means you can use this trick (crossing off your to-do list items) for increasing dopamine hormone in your body, and be happy by being productive. Isn’t it a win win…

For Positivity:

Being productive does not only change your outer environment , but it can also affect your  inner state. Have you ever felt a “sense of lightness” after coming out of that last exam hall. thats coz of lifting up of burden of study, reading, giving exams, not able to enjoy and many things that exams bring.

So, similarly, when you finish all your task/to-do/works, what happen is:

  • you work on time,
  • you keep your environment clean,
  • you sleep on time,

and by night all that heavy burden of work has been lifted already. This makes your life more positive..

For Good Health:

Good health comes to you, all smiling, and with a cute face, because of oxytocin, endorphins hormone in your system, released by being productive at your exercising routine.. You also sleep well if you don’t have work load at the end of your day.

Needless to say, if you are productive for doing exercise daily, having a good night sleep. then these things brings relaxed and peaceful state inside you, and also bring good physical & mental health.

For Stress-Free Day:

When you do work on time, you have all “tag of done” over meditation, exercise, journaling, walking etc… which will improve your lifestyle in a more peaceful, and happy way. You become less “stressed” and no longer have “anxiety” of working at last minute.

Your “social life” also improves, as you have more time to deal with people you love.

For Prosperity:

When it comes to survival,, in this 21st century, the very first thing needed is money..(be it for your dream house, goals, clothes…. or just anything and everything) Money is important and you have right to own it… enjoy it…!!

Reaching your dream goal becomes easy and quick if you are highly productive.

  • Being productive at work
  • completing projects on time
  • earning extra incentives just by working that little extra,
  • having time for learning new things and grow in your field

all this brings money in life and you become financially free…

I can list countless number of benefic you can experience if you choose productivity as your lifestyle…. so let’s see what are simple ways you can use in your daily life through which you can achieve that state.


So now that you are aware of few things, lets see ways by which you can practically perform it in your daily life. If you even follow just “one” of following tip, you can see the difference it make in your life. So let’s get started:

Forget Multitask, Perform Unitask:man-1633667_640

Unitasking means, doing one task at a time. I know, it might sound totally opposite of being productive, but believe me, when you do one task at a time, you give your 100% attention to it, you are 1000% focused on it, and you have more energy to complete that task.

Which in turn increases efficiency of your work, and you are way more effective than you might be when you multitask.

See.. there is a science behind it: When you multitask, you do two work at the same time, which require your brain to do one extra task. What actually happens is  you do  “task switching” or “brain switching”. Your brain continuously just keep shifting from one task to another, but its so fast that appears that you are doing 2 work at the same time.

Check out a Ted Talk which explain this much Neurologically: What makes some brains more focused than others? | Marvin Chun | TEDxKFAS)

Research have been done that brain does not perform adding and subtracting at the same time.. what it does is it switch between these two task..

How: Instead of multitasking, focus on one task at a time. Get all your 5 senses and your mind doing one single work, with full 100 % attention.. Put your whole energy  for that one task in front of you, no distraction, no brain required for task switching..

Plan A Night Before:

This sounds simple..!! right..? Yes it is..! and still many of you don’t do this powerful productive practice.  Just imagine, getting up in the morning, and u dont need to think about,  where to start with your work, because you already planned it night before. You don’t waste time being all confused, and messy and ultimately falling back to sleep again.

  • All you need is a pen & paper, or even a To-do app will work.
  • just take few min before bed, probably 5 min,
  • list down your task you need to do the next day,

extra tip: arrange them sequence wise/ priority wise for better result. this little 5 min can change your day. try it , if you have never given it a chance.

you can also use Wunderlist , Google keep  and other similar app to track your to do lists….. for more apps you can also check out my blog My top 5 apps to boost your productivity

Do Most Important Task (MIT) First:

According to Brian tracy, in his book Eat That Frog!: 21 Great Ways to Stop Procrastinating and Get More Done in Less Time“, if we do the 3 Most Important Task of the day in the morning itself, then the rest of the day is going to be easy in comparison.

Photo by freestocks.org from Pexels

There is a science behind this also, there is limited level of will power in every human being, which is 100 % at morning and lowest during night. We tend to loose it by doing some or the other thing. That is why, things which need your strong will power (like achieving a certain goal, or a hard task) are most likely to be completed during mornings than in night. For example (exercise, study….)

Avoid Distraction:

You can come in top 5 % of population in terms of success, by just avoiding distraction around you- Robin Sharma

Neuroscientist also calls it digital dementia, which means, that constant use of digital technology can result in the deterioration of cognitive abilities such as short-term memory.. And I know for sure, that you don’t want to be part of any of this…right?social-media-763731_640

Just notice what are the things you get distracted the most, is it your social media, or just watching endless youtube video.. or is it that latest series you are watching these days on Netflix or Amazon Prime.

There is no need to stop enjoying these , but procrastinating real time work for these, is an issue you need to fix it right now. Few tips might help:

  • Turn off your notification forever. you hardly need notification of calls, other than this, is all distraction. try it. just block all notification of each and every app you own. and you will see how peaceful your day is.
  • Turn off your mobile data when not in use: Be the boss of your internet and have the power to choose when to use your social media, or check your mails.
  • Uninstall Useless apps: there is no sense in keeping and using two or more app that serves the same purpose. for example, earlier i use to journal my thoughts in journey, evernote, sometime google keep, day one… and my journal was all scattered in every app. It kills my time, and that extra decision i use to make about choosing one of these , is whole another task. so to save time and energy uninstall every repeated and useless apps.
  • Airplane mode works: When doing deep work, a single  “beep” can distract you to use your phone. so its better to avoid than to be distracted.

Set Environment:

I didn’t knew its value, until I read The life-changing magic of tidying up- by Marie Kondo  which inspired me to declutter my house, and I get to enjoy the perks of clean environment. Since then I know that your environment plays a big role in terms of productivity.apartment-chair-contemporary-509922

If you are in a messy surroundings, then you are most likely to get distracted, or if you are in a place with too much crowd, then definitely there will be some poking around you. So to avoid any such distraction, try:

  • Working at quiet time, (Mornings are best for this)
  • Declutter your area (Clean place leads to clear mind)
  • Soothing piano music in the background improves focus (There’s science)
  • Avoid crowded place to work..(That’s obvious..!!)
  • Use of essentials oils works wonders (Try this one, it works..)


So here are my other quick tips that can help you tooo… Give them a read, you never know which tip can make you productive:


  • Prepare A To-Do List night before on physical paper
  • Use Forest App to avoid usage of phone while you work.(This app closes all your hhgother apps , and plant a tree for a time u set, everytime you take a look at phone during work you see that plant growing, if you close that app, your plant will die. That’s just a cute way your phone tells you “stay away from me” )
  • Before sleep, decide first thing you’ll do in the morning, so that you can act as you wake up.
  • Use music as your tool to focus.
  • Use To-Do on phone and make them as Widgets on your home screen, so that you are reminded of work as soon as you use your phone. You can use ( Trello, Google Keep, Wunderlist app etc, whatever suits you.)

Everyone have some days when they just want to sit and watch a movie or just hangout instead of being productive… but that’s ok.. It’s all about getting up even after you fall. Even if you are bad at being productive at your work, till now.. its ok..

Let me know  what’s your way to work effectively, your view will be helpful for me & for the world.

Because you can start all over from this moment.

…Go Ahead Explore “Productive You”…

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