How to stop Waste Thoughts ?

Having no control on mind can create a lot of problems in life. One of such issue is uncontrolled speed of waste thoughts. You need to take necessary measures in order to limit the speed of waste thoughts.


Before starting, you must understand that why actually you need to stop those speedy waste thoughts. Following are reasons for taking the measures:

  • Energy saving: We require energy to do task, to face problems, to laugh, to cry, to almost everything. Creating waste thoughts deplete our energy and prevent us from using that “energy within us” when we need to face the negative situations.
  • No Room for Positivity: Your mind can think only one kind of thought at a particular time, which is either positive or negative. When you cover your mind with waste thoughts there will be no space for the positive thoughts to pop in and thus we can miss a lot of good opportunities in life.
  • Effect on daily life: Our daily life includes relationships, self and environment. Your waste thoughts effect those areas also:

 Relationships: You always over think on the problem even if they are not that big,  which increases the size of even a tiny problem in relationships. These waste, in the long run take place as misunderstandings, mistrust, jealousy, ego in relationship.

Self: The waste thoughts affects our health as well as mind. Stress, anxiety, depression, and other mental problems are all related to waste thoughts

Environment: Instead of acting on the right solution to solve environmental issues such as: global warming, pollution disasters etc., some of us just tend to create waste thoughts about what could be done before hand. This does not solve the any  problem, instead spread negative rumors and increases mental tension of even the people suffering from those issues.

  • Living in present: Past and future are not in your hands and only thing you have is present. Always thinking of past and future does nothing instead of wasting time, and energy. It also stops you to take action in present.


Waste thoughts can be eliminated using two ways:

1. Self-Assessment:  

You can eliminate waste thoughts by working on self.


This is the simplest and the most effective methods of all. Whenever you find yourself wondering between waste thoughts, just simply stop and talk to yourself and have a positive talk to self, asking: Whether my thoughts are helping me in any way? or Whether these thoughts depleting my energy? Your mind will pop up with an answer, based on which just keep the thoughts if positive or else change it with some good meaningful thoughts.

Slow the Traffic-

You have such a fast speed of thought today which needs to be Slowed down in order to lower the number of waste thoughts. For that take your smart phone and set alarms after every hour, and each time just check which quality of thoughts you are thinking. If the quality of thoughts is positive, and you are felling happy, then simply continue to think same, otherwise change or remove the thoughts immediately with the self-positive talk.

2.  Acting Externally:

Cutting the Sources of Thoughts

Maximum of your thoughts are generated from the type of media you entertain to listen. Example: News media, Television, Social Media, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc. All negative information of Murders, Rape, Robbery, fights etc. create images in brain and causes you to think of it again and again, which create fear, anxiety in us when you are in similar situation. Even if nothing is wrong in your life, your brain tends to create thoughts as if they are part of your life. Thus there is need to stop collecting negative information from media instead collect good information from other sources. Different sources for collecting positive thoughts can be different for everyone, but whatever you seek, must make you feel happy. Few example for good sources can be: An inspirational book, positive videos on social media, calls from relatives, a walk in nature, friends etc.

Stop Questioning

Instead to ask the question like, “why did this happened to me”, “why”, “what”, “when” “how” seek for the solution of the problems. These waste thoughts just waste time and energy and gives no solution, thus focus on the solution and just take action.

Diary writing

Many of our successful people have solved their biggest issues by just the “Power of Writing”. Writing is a tool to have a self-talk which eliminate huge traffic of waste thoughts. To do this, just take a paper or a diary, grab a pen, and write down the problem. Be very honest while writing. You will be amazed by getting solutions to the problem by writing it down through your hand. Just write as if you are discussing it to somebody. This will clear your mind with waste thoughts and you will feel light and calm.

Seeking help from God

Whenever you find stuck in any toughest situation, which you can’t explain or discuss to anyone, just take out some time for yourself, find a calm place, close your eyes, imaging your god in front of you and speak or narrate him the problem very honestly. God is our father, he helps everyone in this world, and for stopping the waste thoughts, just speak up any waste thought to him and wait for a thought to reach to you in form of solution. Leave even the solution on to him and free yourself with the burden of solving your problem and enjoy the lightness in your heart.

Being in Present

Don’t think of past and future just focus on present and act in the present. This will close all doors for your waste thoughts to enter into your life.


You would now be wondering, that what changes could come in my life after eliminating the waste thoughts. Well you will be amazed to see the huge change in your attitude and at the attitude of people around you by just changing the waste thoughts. Few of which I have listed below. Rest I know you will let me know yours.

  • You will experience high level of happiness at each stage of life.
  • You will enjoy living in present and eliminate all worries of future and pain of past.
  • Physical health will improve by cure of anxiety, stress or even depressions.
  • You will find meaning in life and ways to enjoy your life even better.
  • All relationships will improve because with no negative or waste thoughts, you will only look positive in others.
  • Not only you will change but seeing you… others will also seek inspiration in you.
  • Eliminating waste can make room for more hobbies talents to enter into your life.
  • You will be more positive and more peaceful day by day.

Definitely there are countless benefits for just one change in life that is STOPPING WASTE THOUGHTS. I believe You will change your life more positively by these simple and easy exercises.

So just start from now.


Please let me know in the comments what you feel for these view so that I may bring you more inspirations.

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  2. After reading dis blog i feel so peace in my mind otherwise so many waste thoughts were in my mind tq so much rishu

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