Life Changing Science Facts for “Happy Life”

Being a science student I also need some facts before applying anything into my life. The facts, which are mentioned in this blog, can be used to make your life positive, successful, and happy. These facts allow you to check that, what is that one thing you are doing “scientifically”, that is keeping you away from positivity. 

So let’s look at those facts, proved by science, which can be applied in our life to make it more meaningful…..


Dopamine is a hormone responsible for making you happy. It triggers your brain to give you sense of pleasure and happiness. The release of these hormones lowers your level of stress and improves the productivity also.

In fact there is a book dedicated to this topic, which is Happiness: Habits to Increase Serotonin, Dopamine, Oxytocin and Endorphins & Naturally Improve Brain Chemistry by Modern Psychology Publishing .(This post contains affiliate links, to find out more information, please read disclosure….. So now let’s see:

 How Can You Increase this “Happy Hormone” in Your Body:

Dopamine release by itself, when some exciting event occurs in your life, for example, when someone compliments you or when you got medal or a gift… But there are certain ways in which you can increase the level of this hormone “intentionally”.

Below are few of the following ways you can do this:

  • Writing: Have you ever come across to the person who is addicted of making to do list, packing list, travel list, food menus etc. etc…. Well…!! Dopamine is responsible for that behavior.

When you write your to do list and put a tick mark to each of the item you completed, then that “tick mark” gives you the shots of Dopamine, and you feel all victorious, happy, content, satisfied and productive at the same time… 

So ya! One way is “Writing” down your thoughts on a paper, will increase the level of dopamine on your system and you end up feeling “happy”.

  • Exercise: Exercise releases BDNF (Brain-derived neurotropic factor) in your brain and helps you to increase level of this happy hormone. Therefore when you complete your exercise it gives you satisfaction and makes you more energetic at the end of the day.

...So ya! Another way is “Exercise” and be healthy and happy at the same time…



Science facts for happy life (
Water Experiment by Masaru Emoto (pic by:

Dr. Masaru Emoto, the founder and author of “Message from Water“, “Hidden Messages in Water(This post contains affiliate links. for more information please read disclosure.) . proved in an experiment that human consciousness/ thoughts can affect molecular structures of water. Through energies like “I hate you”, “I love you”, “thank you”, the crystal structure of water can be changed. Positive words lead to beautiful crystals and negative words leads to disfigured crystals.

How can you use this science fact in your life

  • To improve our Physical health

– Our body is 75% water, so we can cure our disease by changing energy of water we drink. Before drinking water send it positive vibrations of good health, so that it forms beautiful crystals. For example: “I am getting healthy by drinking it”.

– The food we prepare contains water inside it. Therefore it must be prepared while being happy and positive, so that the crystal structures of water inside the food will be of a happy and positive form, this will affect the health of every member of the family.  (Therefore food outside, is not healthy because it’s made with vibrations of greed of money, stress, hard work and poverty. while on the other hand, Home cooked food contains love care and affection).

Simple tip: Play good music why preparing food for having happy mood

  • Help people:

Sentences, words can act as blessings to others who are depressed, sad and even angry, because those vibrations can uplift their mode.



Harvard study : Mapping Perception to Action in Piano Practice: A Longitudinal DC-EEG Study

Piano, Music, Still Life, Focus, Detail, Monochrome


Visualization is creating a mental imaginary movie inside your head, about what you want in your life. and guess what..?? Science says: that whatever you visualize, becomes true.

Research: A famous experiment was done by Harvard University, to prove this. 

In their experiment one group of student, just visualized that they are playing piano along with other group who were actually playing it. After scanning their brain, both of the groups showed same brain wave pattern in the part where learning piano was affected.

How Visualization works:

Whatever you visualize, your subconscious mind is unable to differentiate between real and imaginary. Thus it send signals to brain as if you are really learning or experiencing it. And it star to manifest.

How can you use visualization in your life

  • Achieving goals: Many athletes have been doing this since ages. So why should you leave behind. Visualize your dream coming true and see miracles happening and yes its science no magic, so go ahead and try.
  • Learning a skill: Just as students learned piano, similarly, you can learn a new skill too, in fact any skill. Dare to choose!!!

How to do Visualization:

  1. Visualize it mentally : Close your eyes, see yourself as if you have achieved your goal, (for example: see yourself driving your dream car). focus on feelings.. Include all 5 senses while visualizing for better results.
  2. Create a vision board:  collect pictures which resembles your dream, (collect from magazines, or google them, and take a printout), paste them on a board. place that board where you can see it more often.

Tip: Incorporate Visualization in your Morning Routine. For Inspiration read My Morning Routine.


(The Maharishi Effect)

The Maharishi Effect Research: Click here to read in detail.

1% of Rishis  were sent to different-different places and said to do transcendental meditation at that place. After just few days effective results were observed. Such as:s

  • Decrease in crime rate
  • Reduction in violent crime
  • Improvement in quality of life of the people.
  • Social disorder reduced
  • Countries stock prices went up

After this experiment, it was concluded that just 1 % of the population practicing transcendental meditation, can affect the local environment. Approximately 200 people can affect life of 4 million people. This was known as Maharishi effect which was done in late 1960s.

Image result for maharishi effect Related image

Results: Transcendental meditation and Maharishi effect

How can you use it in your life:

  • Meditate and make your surrounding positive: Be in that 1% of the populations who can meditate and change their life.
  • No excuses now: We cannot say now that by a single action nothing will change.
  • Serve Nature: Have positive impact on nature.


In a Ted Talk by Marvin Chun… He answered that “What Makes Some Brains More Focused Than Others?” and the answer is “Unitasking“.  Watch that Ted Talk here: What Makes Some Brains More Focused Than Others? | Marvin Chun | TEDxKFAS

Though it looks like that you do multiple task to save time ( example: calling + driving), but science fact shows that it’s a myth, you don’t save time in fact you end up spending more seconds or minutes by the end of the task, and technically  you don’t even do multi task.

Your brain is brilliant at switching from one task to another and since it’s a matter of few nano-seconds, it appear as if you are doing two things at the same time this is called brain-switching or task-switching. This lowers the efficiency of your brain, and even drains your energy. you are less focused.

Why choose unitasking over multitasking

  • To gain more focus: When you multitask your brain get distracted rapidly (because, phewww…!! it’s working hard man). It loses its focus very fast.  By unitasking, the brain does not distract, it can focus on just one thing.
  • Be more attentive:Your brain is not able to put 100% attention to tiny details around.
  • Low memory: By multitasking, you tend to forget more than remembering.
  • High efficacy: By unitasking, putting your hundred percent, make you more effective
  • High productive: You are less prone to distractions, leading to high productivity
  • Lower stress level: Well! ahh… now your brain don’t have to work hard mannn…!!

How can you unitask:

Simplest as it sounds:

  • Just walk while you are walking,
  • just talk while you are talking,
  • just eat while eating…

There you go..!!!! Peace



  1. Generate / produce dopamine hormone to be happy, by exercising, writing or completing your to do list.
  2. Send positive happy vibration to water, for better health and curing disease.
  3. Achieve your goals and dreams with the power of visualization.
  4. Learn new skills by just imagining / Visualizing
  5. Contribute to Mother Nature and have positive impact on society around you by meditation
  6. Improve your efficacy, productivity, focus, lower your stress by unitasking

Scince these are science fact, research and experiments… thus they are bound to have positive impact on your life.

….Its your choices that make your destiny.. So choose positivity and create happiness…

……..Live your happy life…..


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  1. Great work! Well written and very well researched. Totally When most of us say we are multitasking, in reality – like computer multitasking we are actually just switching from one task to another in rapid succession. Multitasking is a myth and there are multiple studies that show that multitasking has a negative impact on personal health, productivity, effectiveness. The solution: Practising mindfulness. I wrote an article on this on my website titled: “What is your superpower? Multitasking or mindfulness?” . – Check it out!

  2. Nice article! It combines two things I love: happiness/positivity and science! Great work, you were very detailed and thorough in this article. 😄

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