Living life by Loving Yourself- A guide to “SELF LOVE”

Everyone in this world gets upset when others criticize them. Everyone is feeling demotivated in different fields of life. All this comes by “Not Knowing Yourself” as well as by “Not Loving Yourself”. By being aware of your capabilities and qualities, you can bring happiness and love in you life. “SELF LOVE” is the door to happiness so just welcome it in your life.


Before making the entrance of Self-Love in your life, you must be aware of  how you think about yourself on the physical and inner level.

Physical level:  Comparing our physical appearance to others have become part of our daily life. As soon as you see someone beautiful than you,  you think that other person is better than me. Which is not true at all. Through self love you can eliminate these thoughts.

Being Self:  This is on a much deeper level. Not only you say bad things about your physical appearance but you even sometimes criticize your inner self. If you fail to achieve any particular task or a goal, you immediately tag yourself as if you are not capable of anything. Which is not true either. A person who love himself can never self criticize himself.

Lets decide from today that,  from today onward you will not criticize yourself. Neither will think any bad thoughts about yourself.



For being happy you must know about your qualities and about the ways in which you can love yourself. Self-love comes from inside, but sometimes it becomes tough to be that strong. So, in order to develop love within yourself, here are some simple and easy ways through which you can achieve it.

  • Appreciate Yourself:

This is the easiest and the most effective way towards the journey of self-love. Appreciate yourself for every good things you own. Have a self-positive talk, give yourself a gifts, pat your shoulder whenever you achieve something. It’s not necessary that only others can appreciate you, first, you must appreciate yourself.

Every one of us have lots and lots of qualities, you just need to find yours. Appreciating yourself  will bring joy and love yourself life instantly


  • Accept Appreciation:

Few people might criticize you, but few of them will appreciate you also. Just focus on compliments. And make them yours. If someone says you did awesome!! Believe it. Enjoy those beautiful moments of life and you will start loving yourself even more.

  • Improve Yourself

Some people will criticize you and some will point out flaws in you. But don’t worry!!! Don’t accept everything they say. First check whether they are saying right or not. If they are right, then you must try to improve those flaws. If you feel that the person who is criticizing you is not right, then even better, just ignore them. But don’t let negativity enter your heart. Make criticism as an opportunity to learn and grow.

  • Giving

It is an old saying that: You Get What You Give

We always give what we have, it’s not only the material thing which you could give, but giving “love” to others is even more valuable. You can also give “appreciations”, “happiness”, “help”, “care”, “acceptance” to others. Talk sweetly and nicely to them. Share your happy moments with them and you will notice the change in yourself. You will feel good and love yourself even more.

  • Show Gratitude:

In life, you get so much good things, materially as well as in form of happiness. But what you always forget, is to give “THANKS” in return. Therefore, after enjoying what you have got, you forget those moments. Thus, the gratitude allows you to keep track of what good things happened in your life. You must thank God for everything he gave to you, not only God but, your parents, friends and even nature. This will make you feel lighter and will open more room for good things to happen.

TIP: This can be done by writing daily at night. List all the good things which happened in your life and write thanks for each and every good thing. Scientific studied have shown that exercising daily gratitude brings well-being and healthy life.

  • Let Go:

I know this is very common way to bring happiness and you must be knowing it already. But letting go is very important. This is because if you do not forgive others, then you think about the person again and again, which brings more negativity in life. So, for welcoming positivity and love in your life, just forgive people for their mistakes, let go of your any bad past and never cry for anything in life. Always remember that

Everything Happens For a Reason and Everything Happens for Good

  • Limit Your Free Time:

You always think most when you have “Free” time. At that time, you think of either past or future. What you must do is to bring your focus back to “Now” and think of how you can utilize this time so that you can be proud of yourself. So before getting trapped into the web of waste thoughts,  have a collection of your hobbies and passions in front of you and start to learn and grow.

TIP: For help on letting go waste thoughts, check my last blog on  “How to stop waste thoughts“.

  • Support Systems:

Surround yourself with the people who make you feel special and loved. This will Boost Your energy level and you will always be happy and energetic. So, when you’ll find yourself in any hard situations, these people will pull you up and and you will always be Happieee.


Invite SELF LOVE to your life and see the positive changes in every stage of life. There is no limit to the happiness you will achieve after experiencing the fruit of loving yourself. Few of life changing experiences after developing self-love are as mentioned below..

  • Self-love eliminates mental problems such as:  Sadness, Unhappiness, feelings of depression, lower self-esteem, mood swings etc.
  • Self love will boost your: Self-Confidence, Self-Esteem, Lower your Expectations
  • Social life will improve: Relationships will improve when you appreciate and accept others, give love to them.
  • Self-Love allows you to grow externally as well as internally. Externally you always smile, laugh, feel joy, and internally you will be much stronger than before.
  • Learning new things, such as practicing your hobbies will make you talented,smarter and bring success in life.
  • Criticisms of others would have no impact on your happiness.
  • Since you love yourself others will love you even more.

These are just few of the happiest thing in life after including Self-Love in your life. Everyone have their own journey.  I hope you share your loving journey with me and everyone who is reading this blog:

Self-Love is The Best Gift You Can Give to Yourselves.

Provide me with your valuable feedback in the comments below. Your views give me motivation.

Love you all

Shine Bright




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  1. It’s really important for people to realise that they are the best gift they have in their life. It’s really nice the way you portrayed the whole thing here.

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