Clear Your Mind by “Morning Pages”| Inspired by  “The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron

Have you ever noticed that first thing in morning, and your mind is like a fully active chatter-box, after which you end up thinking and talking to yourself, even if you want to make your mind shut up.. it wont..!!

Well there is a way, you will see in this blog, that will help you make your mind be quite, still, and steady. The method discussed here is called “Morning pages” or “Stream of consciousness”. Lets see how to stop that fast running baby in your head, because..

 You must control your mind… Don’t let your mind control you…


The concept of “Morning Pages” came from the book,  “The Artist’s Wayby Julia Cameron”. As the name (Morning pages) says it’s a form of dairy writing / journaling, which is done first thing in the morning, where you need to write three continuous pages of anything and everything that comes to your mind while you write.


The morning pages is just not normal diary writing technique, its kind of therapy or meditation for mind. You will definitely experience following benefits by writing it: You can:

Declutter Your Messy Mind:

Your brain creates thoughts at a very high-speed as soon as you wake up…few of them are relevent, few of them are not…. So, writing what’s on your mind, can even work as if you are  putting out waste from your mind and putting them into a dustbin. And you start your day…”fresh”.

This is the reason i have mentioned writing method to eliminate waste thoughts. Do check out here: How to stop waste thoughts?

Enhance Your Creativity

Our brain is destined to create new ideas. According to recent research, we are most creative during mornings…. It benefits “the right brain of our system”… so writing morning pages, is a beautiful way to give that space to your brain, and be all that creative.

Have Digital Free Morning :

Writing on papers, specially during morning helps you to stay away from phone, laptops, social media, at least for first 30 minutes of your day.

Give Positive Start To Your Day:

Its how you start your day, will affect how you whole day is gonna be…

Sometimes you sleep all time and that’s thought in morning, making you strength and sad all over again. writing those thoughts allows you to change them to happy thoughts. As you know it’s past now and you have new day ahead

Know Your Thoughts:

Many times (in fact almost always) you are unconscious of what you were thinking and that usually creates layers and layers of viewpoints about others, and even yourself. writing them down, help you to review them. after which you will end up  uncovering something that’s Actually exciting, and something you were unaware before.


So now when you have seen wonderful benefits of writing morning pages, you might be wondering, how to write it…. Don’t worry , I have got everything you need to know…

Things u need:

 That’s  the most simple part of exercise. You just need:

  • A diary to write your thoughts.
  • A pen.. Obviously..!!
  • A place to write.. u can write on bed or terrace, a chair, or balcony.. well..!! yahhh!! u get it.. Anywhere you are comfortable.

Time to Write:

As the name says, this is your first thing in the morning… Yes, like author did, You can have a coffee by your side while you are writing. For me it’s not the first thing, I drink tea, have little chat with my hubby, go for a short walk, and then I start my day with these pages. Do it according to your comfort, but just do it daily, that’s the main point.

How much to write:

Author mentioned that you must complete 3 pages of writing. Though for me, sometimes its more than 3 pages, sometimes even 2, but I try my best that I do at least 3 pages.

Rules to write:

Interesting thing about this type of journaling is that, “there are no rules”.

  • You can write anything and everything that comes to your mind.
  • You don’t have to be creative, as it’s just a part of clearing mind.
  • Focus on present thoughts, whatever thoughts passed away let them go.
  • Your pages can be as good as cursive writing and as messy as doctors’s prescribtion. (hahaha) (No offense “Doctors- I love your writings…”)

What to write in pages:

Normally in other journal writing method, you write about your day, your particular event, but, in morning pages you just need to write one thing, and that is.. Whatever is it your mind while you are writing. And yes whatever means whatever, like anything…. (for me once it was just “lyrics of Coldplay…” in my mind..)

Whats better? (Writing Digitally or on Diary)

I have tried writing morning pages on Evernote and Journey app (because of its feature of adding pics daily, and (more than that, for me, initially it was actually an escape from finding time to write on papers),  but seriously telling you, it’s not that flowy, you tends to forget what you were writing, feeling wise, it’s not that effective, and you might end up seeing that notification, which rings in middle of writing the entry.

While on paper, I was more honest while writing, as I can just go with the flow, and there are almost no distraction… so I prefer old school method to write on diary.

You will love it.. believe me…!! Choose Diary..!!!


Though its very random thoughts which pop up out-of-nowhere, but still, morning is a time to shape your whole day… you can use it for your self growth.. here are few tips you can apply in your morning pages to start your day on a more positive note:

Self talk: 

When writing, write as if you are talking to yourself, Have a chat about, what’s going on your mind. This will act like you are telling yourself that this is wrong and this is right. You can also write “Letter to yourself”, this fun exercise will make your diary, as your sharing buddy.. you know you can share anything to yourself.. Without a single thought.. Right?

Connecting to God

Just thinking about God might be tough,, because sometimes its hard to concentrate and thus whatever we want to ask to God or share with him, or thank him for our life, we can do through morning pages. Just keep writing with a flow whatever you want to say to him. God will listen. Try..!! you will know this is a magic.

Problem Solving

Many a times you find yourself in total confusion about decision-making between few choices.. During those times, just simply grab that diary and start to write about topic you are stuck on. Just keep writing and asking questions about it… until u get to a point… and at the end you will have your solution… write it casually and in asking and answering mode. This works.


According to research, we have highest ‘will power’ during morning. Also, planning your day in written form, gives signal to your subconscious mind, and this mind will keep reminding you about the task you wrote…

Morning journal can remove confusions if you write your task, make a to do list and sequence them according to your priority., so that you don’t need to decide which work needs to be done first. this will make you more productive. As it’s said:

You don’t need more time in your day, You just need to time to decide-Seth Godin


Mornings are the best to practice gratitude. As its more positive approach to start your day. Writing 3 things of which you are grateful for, will make u happier person and more positive. Famous author Oprah Winfrey said:

You bring more to Your life the things which u are grateful for.

Practicing Mindfulness: 

This is something which you can do to practice living in present while writing morning pages. Just write what you see in your surroundings, what you smell at that moment, what you hear around you. Suddenly your mind’ll slow down and will become more silent. This practice will make your mind more aware, silent, brings you in present moment and make you mindful. In turns it will make you happier person.

Chat with Universe (also called –Scripting): 

Now this is something very powerful.. writing what you want & what don’t, what you like, what dislike, is way you’ll tell universe that how your life is gonna be. This will change your life, not only just with soul but also materially. Try this u will see the changes.


I have been doing this journaling technique, even before I started my morning routine (mentioned in my blog “My Morning Routine | Inspired by book, “The Miracle Morning” | by – Hal Elrod)  and now it’s been 3 year. I can proudly say that it has changed my life. That is why I’ve decided to share this with you. It has given me clear directions for life in every field, my relationships, my beliefs, my career, what I want, what I don’t want. I am more focused now. 

Here Are More Of The Benefits I Have Experience Throughout My Journey:

    • Morning pages had made me more productive, as I get to plan when I have a lot to do. 
    • It had made me stress free, as I get to share everything that I am stressed about with my darling friend “my diary”….
    • Rather than being in victim mode, and thinking about problems, I am more solution focused now. sharing little-little problems to My Diary also pops up with solution which are really effective. The thing is, Sometimes we know the answer of our problem, it’s just that we are so stuck in a problem that we don’t want to see them. Morning pages helps there.
  • This tiny habit, give me time for some self-reflection ,as I get to know what’s on my mind. I get to be a happier person.

BONUS BENEFITS: You are not sleepy anymore..!! Because you spend first few min of waking doing something powerful.

It Might Take About 20 Minutes Of Your Morning, But With These Many Benefits,, Who Would Not Want To Give It A Shot…… Try This For Next 1 Week…

Comment your experience below, your experiences can impact someone’s life

……..If I can do it.. You can do it too, So what are you waiting for grab your journal and……..

……Write Write Write…..

…Happy Mornings makes a Happy Day……


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  1. The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron will help anyone to access their creativity. i used it to great effect. The Morning Pages are phenomenal. They helped me to stay focused and access levels of energy that had been trapped beneath layers of thought.Thanks for reminding me of this great resource Rishu.

  2. I love this book. I have a print of my own. I’ve tried morning pages as well, it really does help with my creative mind. I do my best thinking early in the morning. It is a messy mind but when I get it on the pages, it works. Good article.

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