My Morning Routine | Inspired by “The Miracle Morning” by Hal Elrod

Inspired by a book “The Miracle Morning” by Hal Elrod, this blog shares with you a morning routine which will let you start your day with bumper positivity and will provide you with good physical and mental health, increased creativity, knowledge, wealth and a routine which will help you move forward towards your dream life….

The way you start your mornings will be reflected in your days… start it negative and you will see your day haunting you, start with positivity and you’ll be happier person all day….


Does your alarm shout to wake you up, and you zip its mouth by snoozing it… or after waking up you feel so bored because of same old routine every single day…. Well..!!In a way, you are telling universe that you don’t want this day in your life…Which definitely is not true, because yehhh… You want to live your day with full excitement… All you need is to start your day with excitement to make your day feel like “you love your life…”


Inspired by a book The Miracle Morning: The 6 Habits that Will Transform Your Life Before 8 AM” by Hal Elrod, this blog shares with you a morning routine which will let you start your day with bumper positivity and will provide you with good physical and mental health, increased creativity, knowledge, wealth and a routine which will help you move forward towards your dream life….

The way you start your mornings will be reflected in your days… start it negative and you will see your day haunting you, start with positivity and you’ll be happier person all day….



As mentioned earlier, the morning routine which is mentioned below came from a book named The Miracle Morningby Hal Elrod. This routine includes six steps which are abbreviated as S.A.V.E.R.S:

  • S—-SILENCE: Which is spending first few minutes after waking in the silence, by being calm, being in present, not rushing to office or anything, simple breathing, expressing gratitude.
  • A—AFFIRMATION: Saying good and positive thoughts as your first thoughts of the day.


  • V—-VISUALIZATION: Just visioning your perfect day of life or goals or dreams.
  • E—-EXERSISE: That’s a no brainer, very common…. Move yourself to energize and be healthy.
  • R—-READING: No. Not newspaper or messages, but reading something positive like book.
  • S—-SCRIBING: In simple words… Writing. This can be: writing a diary, or planning your day by to-do list.


When my alarm wakes me at 5:50 am… I drink water and start my day with a cup of tea with my spouse… and then i begin miracle morning. Let’s begin…

My SAVERS starts with “E”-Exercise or “Walk”

Morning walks is best option for starting SAVERS as it:

  • Wakes you up,
  • Energizes your body,
  • Give time to be ready for other next SAVERS
  • You get to see the delight of beautiful “sunrise”

Time needed: starts @ 6:15 am for 15 min  (This worked for me, you can choose your time and duration according to your convenience…)


How: In my morning walk… Phone is used only for the timer… Normally people listen music, but I prefer no music, as I focus on present moment while I walk…Focus on feeling the air, weather, the cold, I love watching sunrise, listening birds, love the changing colors of sky… it’s so beautiful…


For Scribing-“S” Write “Morning Pages”

Morning pages is a concept from book “The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron… in which you will write continuous 3 pages of whatever comes to your mind at that time. Rule is just to hold the pen, write and there is no stopping until 3 pages finishes…

Time Needed: 6:30  till 3 pages gets finished (20 min approx.)

Morning pages will help you:

  • Clear your mind.
  • Collecting ideas on paper.
  • Solving problems which are stuck in head.
  • Enhance right brain by enhancing creativity.

Morning Pages are magical, and there is a sense of happiness, relaxation and peace after finishing 3 pages…

  • For Silence-“S” have “Meditation”

According to author, Silence can be of any form, it can be Morning Prayer, being in nature, stillness, doing nothing, showing gratitude… but I include “Meditation” as my S of S. A. V. E. R. S… Main aim is to make your mind calm, still and peaceful.

Time Needed: 7:00 am for 15 minutes approx.

How: At the same time, same place, I sit straight, open calm app on my phone… choose a music I have from my downloaded file, set a timer for 20 min. Inspired from “Raj yoga meditation”, I close my eyes and just focus on taking powers of peace, love, happiness, bliss, truth from God. Sometimes I use this time for sending gratitude to universe….




  • For “Reading-R” read a Book

The “Reading” section in book, The Miracle Morningindicates “learning daily”… What you learn or read during morning will be foundation of your whole day… therefore try avoiding newspapers for mornings…  As they have all the negative information about crimes, murder, kidnaps, accidents, rapes etc… so, why to give a negative start to a positive day… Instead, choose a positive book and give a pure-positive-happy start to your day… My current read is a book which teaches about living in present moment, which is:

Power of Now” By Eckhart Tolle

Time Needed: 7:15 for 30 min…

HowI prefer paperback version of book to avoid use of phone for morning and keep audiobooks and digital books for day and night time. While reading try to find things which you can apply in your life, and practice them thought the day…


5 & 6.  Last comes Affirmation (A) & Visualization (V)

Affirmation are positive sentences about your life goals, dreams or anything you want in life… By testing on water, Science has proved that Speaking affirmation repeatedly make your subconscious mind believe that what you affirm is true… Therefore the things you affirm manifest in real.

Similarly Visualization is a process of seeing yourself in a position of already attained goals…

Time Needed: 7:45 for 5 -5 min each….

How: For affirmation: Main rule is to say sentence in present tense…for me, It depend on my mood, Sometimes I make my affirmation by my own and repeat it out…and sometimes, I choose to listen it on You-Tube…  For visualization: I collected some pictures of what I want in my life, and made a collage,,, and just go through those pictures of my vision board, one by one


I tend to add one extra step to organize my day….

  • 7. Create To-do list:

As soon as routine ends… Grab a notebook, and simply list out every little thing that you need to do on that day, after listing, arrange them in order of doing so that you don’t need to decide what to do out of that list… Later copy them on sticky notes and stick that list on area you frequently visit (example. Fridge) so that they remain in front of your eye to remind you until the list check off…


List Things to do > Prioritize (arrange) > Copy on sticky notes > Stick note on most popular area

Next comes my very first thing on my to-do list… and my day begins…


Here are few tips which helped me along my miracle morning journey:

  • Do Uni-tasking: Don’t combine two tasks, like I used to hear affirmations while walk but then I couldn’t see the present moment of walk. My mind was shut. Therefore focus on one routine at a time.

  • Stop Snoozing: As mentioned earlier, this is the biggest tip you can get. Because once you snooze, you will miss this routine

  • Start Day With Exercise: It will wakes you up better than any others SAVERS. (Scribing also works but exercise is more effective)

  • Start With 5-5 Minutes Routine: If you are beginner, start this routine by giving just 5 minutes  to each S.A.V.E.R.S because initially it’s about creating habit, and improving will power.

  • 21 Days Rule: Doing same routine for continuous 21 days will create a habit of waking up and following routine. It will be easy after 21 days because it will be natural for you to wake up because it’s already your habit

  • Set Phone On Silent Or Airplane Mode: This routine can be converted to endless scrolling social media if you are unconscious while using other apps, cut out all the distractions.


  • Well the whole process improves you spiritually, physically, emotionally and intellectually

Meditation helps you to connect with higher self, makes your mind calm, balanced, improve health and reduce stress…

Exercise improve physical health and makes you more active for the whole day , what’s best then starting your day with the release of dopamine- a “Happy Hormone

Scribing lets you share your emotions. It’s good for right part of the brain which is responsible for creativity…

Reading lets you learn new things, and gain experience of someone who had already mastered in specific field….

  • It makes you productive as you have already achieved this many before 8 a.m.

My Personal Benefits From The Miracle Morning:

In addition to above mentioned:

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(This post contains affiliate links, to find out more information, please read my disclosure.)

  • Diary is my best friend now.. because I can share anything and everything to her…
  • I start my day with smileyyy.. If for any day I don’t do this routine, that day becomes more heavy and stressful…
  • I am more productive now… and making to do list works wonder…

I can just keep on writing the benefits I have achieved from this routine… Therefore something forced me to share this journey with you…

If you have not started this routine… Please give it a try… Just 6 minutes a day (1 min for each S.A.V.E.R.S) for 21 days can change your whole life…

Accept this Challenge

….6 Minutes of Morning for 21 Days….

Remember: Anything you do for first time is always hard at beginning, messy at between and beautiful at the end…

If you are also on same journey or trying it for the first time… Don’t forget to share your experiences in Comment section below.., Your comments inspire me…

…Love you all…

…Have Happy Morningssss…


29 thoughts on “My Morning Routine | Inspired by “The Miracle Morning” by Hal Elrod

  1. Hie… I have completed Reading the book few months back and have been following savers from couple of months, however I spread the SAVERS throughout my day, is it the right way?? Or should I be completing it in morning hours all at one go?? Ur reply will help me carve my future better.

    1. hie Nimita… great work dear…keep going.. there is no hard and fast rule to do all savers at a go.. u can split them as per your convenience.. the main rule is to do them daily… i made this as my morning routine because i have decent time then… so do what your heart says….. keep rocking….

      and yes… for everyone who do savers… there is this fb group by “author itself-hal elrod” … many such query are answered in that group.. muct check out..

  2. Awesome tips for making each day awesome.I will try to incorporate these tips in our daily routine👍

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