New Year Resolutions | 2019| Inspired by John Assaraf – Goal setting

2019 is just around the corner and this is the best time to design your new year. This blog brings you collection of easy resolutions inspired by “John Assaraf Method Of Goal Setting” in which, he included that you must set goals in every category of your life, that is, “Relationships, Career, Spiritual, Physical Health, Emotional Health, Finances And Charity”. So lets begin and make 2019 a positive and successful year ever.


John Assaraf is one of the leading mindset and behavior experts in the world. He had posted a video on “How to set and achieve any goals you have in your life”. In his video, he described that goals must be set from each category of life.


This is the top section of pyramid, containing Goals which include 6 categories. For more detail you can take out the video here.
So now let’s begin with one resolutions for these categories:


In John Assaraf’s video, these categories were mentioned in form of goals. The resolutions in this blog, are not the goals but are means to reach there. For example, if your goal is to lose 10 Kg weight, then resolution can be walking daily. So let’s begin with such resolutions for 2019.


In the pyramid, John Assaraf mentioned to decide goals for all aspects of Health. Example, Physical health, emotional health and spiritual health. This blog will provide resolution for physical health and emotional health.

 Physical Health

Resolution: Drink Water

If you are like me who lack in this field of drinking at least eight glass of water daily, then this resolution is for you. There are no hidden benefits of drinking water daily, as this single act will surely benefit almost all areas of your physical health, be it your skin, your hair, your digestion, It detoxify your body, treat kidney stones. Drinking enough water daily, not only improve your physical health but also maximize physical performance, lowers your stress level and repair brain cells. I must say, that there is just no full stop on this list.

Tip: Have a bigger bottle of at least 1.5 liters, and make a target to finish it twice a day. This way you need not count about number of glasses you need to have and whatever amount of water is left by the end of the day, you can just drink it at once.

 Emotional Health

Resolution: Write a Gratitude Journal

Writing gratitude journal brings mental health as it gives a positive mind set. You try to look at the gifts you got, people who helped you, and even small things which you took for granted. Simple giving thanks to everything, will shift your mindset from negative to positive, resulting in strong emotional health. In a research done by Robert A. Emmons (Professor of Psychology at UC Davis and a leading gratitude researcher), he confirms that gratitude reduces your toxic emotions, like frustrations, regrets and increases happiness and reduces depression.

With such a great advantage of this simple activity (writing just 3 points of gratitude), start your new year with emotional health also.

How: If you have never written a gratitude journal before. Don’t worry… It’s just writing thanks on a diary for the things which you liked, or people who made you happy throughout the day. It can be as simple as, thanking someone who made you smile, even thanking your car which helped you to reach your office.

So go ahead, and start with writing 3 different things at the end of each day as your New Year resolution. You can start from now. In the comment section below, write any 1 thing you are grateful or thankful for.


Resolutions: Start Saving, “Your Savings”

This idea came from the book “The Richest Man in Babylon- by George S. Clason. In this book the main idea of becoming rich, is that the money you save (for example 10% of your income) must not be used for any other expenses. If you want to use that money, then use only for making more money (example, invested them somewhere else).

So as simple as it sounds, just make a resolutions for 2019 that whatever percentage you will save this year, you will not use that money for anything else. 

Do it for next 365 days, and see how much you end up collecting.


Resolution: Appreciate More

Relationships is not just “take-take and take” agenda, rather it’s more of giving. The more you give, the more you get. The type of feelings you give, are the exact type of feelings you get back.
Appreciate for even little things, like if someone called you, appreciate them for taking their time to call you, appreciating your mother or spouse, for cooking meal for you. If someone helped you in your household… Appreciate them for their initiative. These little things will build up to relationships in a very beautiful way.

So, as a resolution for 2019, for the next 365 days, try not expecting things from others, instead, try giving your appreciation… And see the appreciation and love coming back towards you, in a form of very beautiful relationship.


Resolution: Keep Environment Clean

Charity is not just giving money or material things, it can also means contributing to society and nature. Definitely Charity means different for different person, but this is a simple resolution for 2019 which can benefit the society in a very positive way.

It’s so simple, just keep your surrounding clean. Don’t expect others to do it, rather make it your resolution that you will do it on your behalf, let others do whatever they want to do. Throw that wrapper of chocolate in dustbin only. Even a single act of cleanliness will  have a good impact on your mother earth.


Resolution: Meditate daily

Spirituality is always confused with some prayers, but the word ‘spiritual’ is derived from 2 words: (Spirit and ritual)… “Any ritual which enhances your inner spirit or soul, comes under spirituality”. So, for improving your soul (bringing peace and love in your life), what’s better than meditating daily.

Meditation helps you to forgive and forget the past, and encourage you to live in present moment. In a new research from Carnegie Mellon University, a research was conducted which revealed that just 25 minutes of mindfulness meditation, for 3 days, alleviated psychological stress.

So for the next 365 days, give just 10 minutes for meditation. Even 10 min will work wonders and make you peaceful, happy from inside.


Resolution: Skip Using Social Media During Office Hours

Unaware of the time you waste on social media during office hours, can cause you low productivity. Instead make a resolution that, this year, for the next 365 days, you will keep your social media limited (or closed) during office hours.

How you can do it.. Well there are many ways :

  • Turn off notifications from your setting.

(Go To Settings > Notification & Status Bar > Manage Notification >  Click On App > Disable Allow Notification)

  • Put your phone on “Airplane mode” during office hours (If your work is not related to calls).
  • Use Pomodoro or Forest App for greater focus and avoiding Social media apps.

(For the list of apps to increase your productivity check my blog My Top 5 Apps to Boost Your Productivity | Android Apps.)

  • Individually log out of each social media account every time you visit it.

Benefits of having this resolutions are numerous, You will definitely be at your high productivity state. Your real world social network will grow. In addition to this, you will have more hours to relax (Bonuss Yehh…!!).


Lets have a quick recap of all the resolutions in every category of your life.


Physical Health Drink 3 Litres Of Water Daily
Emotional Health Write Gratitude Journal
Finance Save, “Your Savings”
Relationships Appreciate More
Charity Keep Environment Clean
Spiritual Meditate Daily
Career Skip Using Social Media During Office Hours

These resolutions might be area specific, but believe me if you will apply them in your life, they will make your new year more effective. Being consistent is the key to stick to your new year’s resolutions, make your 2019 a happy, productive, successful year.

Don’t forget to share your resolutions list in comments section below,

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Have A Happy New Year In Advance

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