My Top 5 Apps to Boost Your Productivity

It depends on your choice that you want to use your mobiles for distraction or for being creative, productive, organized… Just when you are overwhelmed with long list of works in your head, this gadget in your hands can rescue you by helping you to manage those works. All you need is right apps and few minutes to use them, which can save your full day. Talking about the right apps.. I bring you my top 5 apps which are helping me in my daily life….


Before heading to that top 5 list of apps, first you must know whats the need for using app when you can work without them, have a look below:

  • Brain Dumps: Your brain is designed to have new ideas & creativity. Using mind for storing ideas will bring lots of stress and fear of losing them… Let your app do that storage work for you…
  • Stress Buster: As stated above, keeping things in mind can create stress, so making to do lists in particular app gives you security of not forgetting stuff, which brings you “peace”…
  • Memory span: According to recent cognitive study, your brain can remember only 4 things at a time… so if there is something worth remembering, apps can help you to list them out.…
  • Simplifying life: Charles Duhigg in his book ” The Power of Habits: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business“.. Have given importance of routines. Every human have limited amount of energy throughout the day which is wasted in just taking decision. If you have routines in your life, you will take fewer decisions. For ex. Which food to prepare today… By using apps to plan your day, you can create a routine and save yourself from taking decisions at every step and thus saving your energy.
  • Save Yourself From Social Media Addiction: How many times it has been that when you are in middle of some work and u pick your phone, where you end up wasting an hour scrolling through pages of social media… That directly drops your productivity. Mobile apps can let you focus on real work and save you from this loop of social media…


Use of these apps can boost your productivity, make you more organized and creative… So lets begin:


hhgForest app have a feature which allows you to set a timer for your work, and until the timer goes off, it plants a “baby tree”, as the clock move towards end, that baby tree grow into a “bush” and then a “tree”. If in between, you use another app, then your tree dies and you get a dead-dried tree. Who would want to kill a cute tree.. :

Benefits of using this app:

  • It can serve as a timer.
  • It can let you focus on your real world work.
  • It keep you away from distraction.

Download Forest app: Here


kjkThis app allows you to create your daily To-Do list. All you need to do is, add your task one by one in it, and as you finish your work you can put a tick mark on your task. By the end of the day you have zero task in your to-do list.


  • You can manage different task according to folders & subfolders
  • You can set date & reminders in each task.
  • You can add notes to each task.
  • You can attach files.
  • The widget can be used as shorcut.
  • You can add star to the most important task (MIT).

How Wunderlist Helped Me:

Every night, in my diary, I make a list of the things, I need to do the next day. Then I transfer them to Wunderlist App… Inside the app, I arrange them according to priority and mark three most important task (MIT) with star. In the morning I start with my first MIT.

Download Wunderlist: Here


This is a “Time Management App”, but you can use it as a normal timer clock also. This is a productivity method coined by Francesco Cirillo in his book, The Pomodoro Technique 

What Is Pomodoro:

Francesco Cirillo discovered that for better productivity, deep & large works must be done with intervals of 25 minutes which are called pomodoro. Each interval must be separated by 5 minutes of break. After continuous 4 intervals of pomodoro, a long break of 15 minutes is required.


  • Since first work is just 20 minutes it’s never a burden to start any task.
  • It allows you to rest.
  • 25 minutes of time frame provides great focus.

Uses of Pomodoro technique:

  • Used for book reading.
  • Creating blog content.
  • Finishing daily work during mornings.

Download Pomodoro app: Here


ghfhThis app serves many purpose, from checklist, to capturing image, to making notes, even organizing things. 

How Can You Incorporate Google Keep In Your Life:

  • You can create a checklist list.
  • You can take quick notes and reviewing them later.
  • You can save picture.
  • The media in Google Keep is accessible from every system.
  • You can create your shopping list.
  • You can plan the list of weekly dinner, lunch, breakfast menu.
  • You can use it for capturing ideas and making list of recepies.

Personally I have used Google Keep for Affirmations and Visualization, I do in my Morning Routine, by creating list of my Affirmations and having a collage of my goals as a Vision Board inside this app.
Affirmation and Visualization are used during my morning routine. (Do check out my blog here about morning routine)

Downloading Google Keep: Here


nbvfgd.pngWhen it comes to productivity, then Planning goes hand-in-hand. As the name suggest, Google Calendar, is a calendar app, which lets you schedule your day, your week, your months & Year.


  • Events from your mail, example, flight booking, birthdays, classes gets added in your calendar automatically.
  • You can set goals like: exercise, building a skill, meditation yoga etc.. Google calendar can schedule it based on your other work…
  • This app reminds you of task even before hand..
  • You can have an overview of your full day, so that you can have a look on pockets of time you have free or busy.
  • You can add reminders, events, invite people to your events.
  • Adding notes and attachment files is another feature of this app.

Download Google Calender: Here


  • Remembering Birthday (Google Calendar): Set birthday reminders, on yearly basis for rescuing yourself from forgetting them.
  • Plan gift (Google Keep): Make list of gifts you can give individually to your friends and family.
  • Making Menu (Google Keep): Making weekly list of breakfast, lunch and dinner in advance, relieves so much pressure.
  • Setting alarms (Google Calendar): Time to prepare food, run motor, time to sleep, to wake, to read a book, to watch your favorite show can be set up on Google Calendar. This will help you reminded of work, when you are busy in some other work.
  • To-Do list (Wunderlist): Daily task of cooking, washing clothes, talking etc, can be put in a to-do list, so that you can keep your mind free of remembering stuff.
  • Targets (Pomodoro):Using app while sting a goal, will help you achieve the set target.
  • Cutting distractions (Forest App). You can save yourself from useless surfing of phone while work.
  • Capturing ideas (Google Keep): Being a content creator, idea can pop-up in your head at anytime. Use an app to collect your ideas on the spot.
  • Creating new habits (Google Calendar): Set a goal and just do it as soon as a reminder pops up.

There are thousands of apps on google play store. You can find many similar apps like Evernote, Trello there… Which will serve same purpose..

…Do share your collection of apps which makes you productive…

Each person on this planet has just 24 hours a day, it’s your choice how you spend it.

….Spend it by being more productive…

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